looyisi Yang Chyi louis

Thank you so much for helping me tremendously in your Thai Language course. It has helped me get a better understanding of the country and culture when I visit it.

The lessons are practical and very useful to me, especially that my partner since she is Thai, I can converse with her and her family much better when I visit them.

The pace of the course is just right and what is the most impressive is that after the course has ended, you have no obligation to me anymore, but still continue to help me and reply to my messages whenever I have questions about either Thailand or the language.

Would recommend to me friends who are interested in taking up the language.

Here is a picture of my girlfriend and I, much happier now that I understand her better.


Jonathan Wong

I find that Thai is the language of Thailand where most people around Asia or Western countries would flock to for holidays. Thailand is a very culturally rich country that is under-represented in popular media. The people are talented and beautiful but most people only look at Thailand for cheap shopping and food, and sleazy entertainment. There is much more to Thai language and Thailand. The Thai language is full of vocabulary from other languages such as Sanskrit, Pali, Chinese, Khmer, English, Malay, Tamil, and French. There’s a lot of deep culture and knowledge that will remain untouched if you don’t know Thai. Moreover, even with the popularity of Japanese, Korean, and Chinese, I believe the next wave we should be looking out for is the T-wave. The Thai wave. I want to be prepared for it when it takes over South East Asia