Frequently Asked Questions

Are there tests conducted at the end of the term?

There is a term test conducted at the end of each term.

Currently, the test is non-promotional. It is simply a gauge for students and teacher to review how much you have learnt throughout the term.

To obtain your Course Certificate, you simply have to meet at least 75% attendance rate across both Term 1 and Term 2 of the Course.

Are there make-up classes available for the classes I will be missing?

Yes, there are make-up classes available for most classes. An announcement is made on your first day of lesson regarding how students may go about arranging for makeup lessons for classes they would prospectively be missing. Make up classes are arranged subject to availability and are available for most, but not all, classes. Please call / email us as early as possible for us to arrange your make up lesson in order to secure seats in available make-up classes. Students are allowed a maximum 3 make up lessons per term, but generally, as long as there is space in the class, we will arrange your 4th or 5th makeup lesson for you

Is there a certificate issued after each course?

Yes, a certificate of completion can be issued to you at the end of each course, upon your request, at an additional fee of $10.00. However, please note that you have to meet the criteria of at least 75% attendance rate. The certificate may only be used for some jobs or university courses that require Thai. However, different institutions will have different requirements of proof of your Thai Language proficiency. As such, we recommend you to take more recognized examination conducted by the Thai Ministry of Education or Chulalongkorn University. This is an external exam conducted in Thailand. In such cases, we can prepare you for the exam in our centre but register for the external exam and arrange for your trip to take the exam there, which is usually conducted in November.

I have learnt Thai Language before. How do I know which level I am suited for?

You can make an appointment with us via email at or by calling us at 93530496 for a short interview. The best gauge of the most suitable level for a student is by taking a placement test which can be arranged on the phone or via email.
As our centre is different from many other institute that students are taught to read Thai since day one, students who are already conversant in Thai but do not read Thai will be advised to sit for a quick crash course in “Reading and Writing Thai”, as a bridging course.