January Beginner Group Intake:
7/1 Sunday afternoon 1:00 – 3:00 PM
8/1 Monday evening 7:00 – 9:00 PM
13/1 Saturday afternoon 1 – 3 PM

Venue: Block 261 Waterloo Centre #04-37
Fee : $260 for 8 sessions of 2 hours each, with minimum of 3 students and maximum of 8 students per class, inclusive of course materials.

Language Consultation is more than just a private lesson. It gives you the flexibility in timing and content, especially to those who require to travel frequently. Feel free to approach your language consultant about any doubt that you have about the Thai language. Otherwise, the instructor can also plan lessons for you if you prefer a more structured course.

Private Consultation Rate:
$50 / hour
$90 / two-hour session
$500 / 12 hour package (6 x two-hour sessions)
$555 / 12 hour package (8 x ninety-minute sessions)

You may request the instructor to be at your premise. (subject to the availability of the instructors.)

Corporate Language Course may provide a development opportunity for your enterprise, as ability to understand your client’s language is the key to better communication and cultural understanding. We provide Corporate Thai Language Course for companies dealing with Thai and Southeast Asian markets. Furthermore we can customise our Courses to the specific industry you are operating as contextualisation facilitates a better learning.


Language Consultation: Drop by the consultation office at 51 Bukit Batok Crescent, Unity Centre, #07-26, Singapore 658077

On-site Training Service: We deliver our highly qualified trainer to your business place to conduct lesson so that you can learn language of your interest at your comfort, at your preferred time and location.

Online Teaching: Save travel cost. Cheaper lesson conducted via online communication platform (i.e Skype). You can engage our teaching services even if you are not in Singapore!

Email us and we will give you a reasonable quotation!

Thai Basic Course
Material used: Complete Thai by David Smyth (Chapter 1 to 8)
What you will learn in this course

  1. How to say Hello and good bye, use polite particles, address people appropriately, low class consonants (i), vowels (i), numbers 1 -10
  2. How to state your name, nationality and place of origin, confirmation-seeking question, what questions, mid class consonants, vowels (ii), numbers 11-20
  3. How to ask people about their job, where questions, location words, possession, ‘live’ and ‘dead’ syllables, numbers 21-101
  4. Polite expressions: excuse me, thank you, you’re welcome, yes/no questions: —mai? and …ler?, more location expressions, low class consonants (ii), vowels (iii), vowel shortener (i)
  5. Taxi transactions, how much? questions, can: verb + dai, hesitation device, high class consonants, numbers 100-1,000,000
  6. Buying food in the market, asking what something is called, asking someone to repeat something: question word + na, yes/no questions ror…?, script review
  7. Shopping transactions, polite requests, too + adjective, how questions?, classifiers, colours, continuous actions, tone mark: mai ek
  8. Ordering simple food dishes, polite requests, reu yang questions, alternative questions: X or Y, location words: kang and thaang, two different uses of …duai, mai toh and other tone marks.

Elementary Thai Course 1
Material used: Sabai Sabai by Mahidol University (Chapter 1 to 6)
Complete Thai by David Smyth (Chapter 9 to 11)

  1. Revision based on Basic Course with more vocabulary introduced, and emphasis on listening and speaking Thai at native level speed.
  2. Names of common food dishes, would like to … ya:k (ca) + verb, hai: getting someone to do something, can … verb + pen, if sentences, verb + laew, low class consonants (iii), vowels (v)
  3. Talking about your knowledge of the language(s), verb + pen + adverb, why questions, comparisons, words beginning with consonant clusters
  4. Kin terms, how many questions, who questions, naa + verb, less commonly used consonants, vowel shortener (ii)

Elementary Thai Course 2
Material used: Complete Thai by David Smyth (Chapter 9 to 17)

  1. Telephone transactions, talking about the future, when questions, polite requests: chuai + verb + noi, verbs of saying and thinking with waa, seeking advice and making suggestions, miscellaneous spelling rules.
  2. Coping strategies for when you don’t understand,use of hai to mean for, don’t …., names of letters and using a dictionary
  3. How to talk about living and working in Bangkok, talking about things that happened in the past: koei + verb, some ways of intensifying adjectives and adverbs, some more uses of kor
  4. Making travel arrangements, to visit thiao and yiam, expressing distance between two places, telling the time, questions about time
  5. Booking a hotel room, days of the week, … reu plao questions, verb + wai, noun + classifier + adjective
  6. Looking for accommodation, kamlangca + verb, negative questions, relative pronouns, months and seasons, dates and ordinal numbers, hai: to give, mai dai + verb

August Beginner Group Intake:
7/8 Monday evening 7:30 – 9:30 PM
10/8 Thursday evening 7:30 – 9:30 PM
12/7 Saturday afternoon 1 – 3 PM
13/7 Sunday afternoon 1 – 3 PM

Venue: Block 261 Waterloo Centre #04-37
Fee : $260 for 8 sessions of 2 hours each