About Us

Sunthornphu Thai Language Tutors, founded in 2014, is the first school in Singapore, or perhaps the first one outside Thailand, that exclusively focuses on the teaching of Thai and the dissemination of the cultures associated with this language. In view of Thailand’s economic development over the past decades, increasing number of expatriates and tourists, as well as inauguration of AEC in 2015, we aim to foster deeper inter-cultural understanding between Thais and non-Thais through teaching of language and culture, as language is the key to integration into the local society.

Name of the Center

Sunthornphu (1786 – 1855) is one of the most prominent figures known for his contribution to Thai literature. He is best-known Royal poet, during the Rattanakosin Era. His conventions in epic poetry are popular in Thailand to the present day, and are still studied by Thai students in school, as akin to Shakespeare’s plays for English literature, or Goethe for the German. His masterpiece, Phra Aphai Mani saga, has been adapted into various media such as novels, comics, cartoons, and films.

Our Centre is named after Sunthornphu in his honor for his great contribution to Thai culture, especially in the aspect of literature. Our Centre will carry on his legacy, to spread Thai Language and Culture abroad the Kingdom to the rest of the whole world. We will not only be teaching the language, but will also provide you with the insight into Thailand.